All Ireland Smart Cities Forum has organised the 2nd Annual Conference, on the 26th of September at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin, on the theme of 'Shaping Smart Cities and Regions: Real World Opportunities and Challenges'. 

This one-day event gathered around 100 people from Ireland and Northern Ireland to share experiences, challenges and opportunities, highlight innovation and generate networks. Among other relevant speakers, Ms. Marguerite Bourke, Manager of 'Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Ireland' at Enterprise Ireland (Donegal Digital partner) spoke about innovative solutions to public sector challenges.

SBIR is a global innovative pre-commercial procurement initiative that drives innovation across Public Sector via robust engagement with technology rich companies. It also helps the Public Sector address challenges using innovation to achieve step function improvement and sourcing external solutions to address 'unmet needs'. Apart from that, SBIR accelerates technology comercialisation and it supports the development of innovative companies in a two phased process.

Through SBIR, SMEs can compete for each demand driven project in a transparent manner, demonstrate a route to market for their solution, focus on specific identified needs (increasing the chance of exploitation as development are 100% funded), retain the intellectual property generated from the project and use the reference site to provide credibility for fund raising.


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