To support small businesses to enhance their online trading presence, a series of workshops are available to book throughout 2018 dealing with a range of relevant topics, at Donegal Local Enterprise Office (LEO). 

These workshops will allow participants to assess where they currently are with their online trading. They may be already trading online in a small way or have yet to build online trade into their revenue model. The programme will take participants on a full journey equipping them to build the skills, awareness of available supports, the language and confidence to build a practical and effective online trading strategy for their business.

10th January - Develop and Implement a Trading Online Strategy
Online selling has become a regular part of everyday business for companies of all sizes. On completion of this training session, participants will be equipped in the following areas:
• What is a sales strategy?
• How an online sales strategy differs from a business to consumer or business to business strategy.
• The specific challenges of online sales. 
• An overview of what business support/resources online sales requires.
• Identifying and understanding your target customer - What do they really want? 
• How to successfully communicate with your target customer.
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13th March - Trading Online Options for Your Business
When we think of selling online we generally think of our own website. However, there are many other routes to market. On completion of this session, participants will have an understanding of:
• The pros and cons of selling directly from your own website.
• Role models and case studies of successful online trading.
• Selling on eBay.
• Selling on Amazon.
• Other online options and their pros and cons.
• How to manage your company image and reputation in the online space.
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8th May - Developing a Good Ecommerce Website
Developing a good commerce website is more straightforward now than ever before. However, it does take some planning and attention to detail. On completion of this training session, the participant will understand:
• What makes a good commerce website - Do’s and don’ts.
• What plugins are available to create an online shop?
• PayPal, Stripe and other online payment methods. How to decide and how to use.
• How to present my products online.
• Smartphone photography tips (e.g. staging a photo, lighting etc.)
• Smartphone video shooting and editing tips.
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3rd July - SEO and Web Analytics
Selling online starts with being found online. On completion of this training session, participants will understand the SEO checklist for 2018 and how to implement it. Included are:
• Google analytics - How to sign up and understand what the feedback means for my business.
• Keywords. What they are and how to build a strategy around the right ones.
• How to write killer copy - What your customers and Google love to read.
• Now I know about it, how do I do something about it? How to implement the top tips to transform my Google ranking.

4th September - Developing Online Sales
OK, we have done the heavy lifting, now how do I get the sales? On completion of this training session, participants will understand the three cardinal rules of increasing online sales:
1. Increase the number of customers.
2. Increase the order size.
3. Increase the number of repeat purchases
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6th November - Using Social Media for Business
Social media is an integral part of most online businesses today. On completion of this workshop, participants will understand what social media can do for their business:
• How to set up and post on Facebook like a pro.
• Advertising on Facebook - is it worth it in 2018?
• Facebook live - How to have fun and boost sales at the same time.
• Instagram - Just how much do I need this?
• Twitter and LinkedIn - Are these relevant to me? (The answer is yes)
• How to use them to best advantage.
• YouTube. How to optimize YouTube videos for my business.
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Workshops run from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and cost €20 per workshop. Early booking is advised as it is expected that places will fill up fast. For more information, visit the Donegal LEO page.


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