ERNACT has facilitated a second brainstorming session on the creation of Digital Innovation Hubs in Co. Donegal (Ireland). It is the second of a series of workshops that will tackle one of the main goals of Donegal Digital Action Plan, which is how to build strong Donegal digital communities and made use of the knowledge acquired within the ERUDITE project aimed to increase understanding of the design, operation and impacts of services.

Last month Donegal County Council, Údarás na Gaeltachta and Inishowen Development Partnership attended the meeting to discuss on their needs, challenges and expectations that the Digital Innovation Hubs can provide to give response to them, and to start identifying the expected impact and indicators. This session, however, they have moved one step further: they have finished identifying the expected impact and indicators from the digital services envisaged, and also, proposed methods to collect and analyse them. In addition, they will do a second iteration of the brainstorming and try to identify potential new services, their impact and indicators.

These sessions are guided by the SEROI+ methodology, developed within ERUDITE project, a European project that is assisting regions in the process of selecting and developing effective digital services.

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