ERNACT has facilitated a brainstorming workshop on the creation of Digital Innovation Hubs in Donegal (Ireland). This workshop has been held to tackle one of the main goals of Donegal Digital Action Plan, which is how to build strong Donegal digital communities and made use of the knowledge acquired within the ERUDITE project aimed to increase understanding of the design, operation and impacts of services. 

This session is part of an ongoing process to facilitate the experience transfer within the region and provide a methodology to get the expected results. The goal is to work with the stakeholders of Donegal directly to get from first-hand input about their needs, challenges and expectations on the potential digital services to be developed.

This workshop has been facilitated by ERNACT using the SEROI+ methodology developed in ERUDITE project. First, attendants have brainstormed about the needs, challenges and potential services that Digital Innovation Hubs can provide to give response to them in the areas that they will serve. And after, they have identificated the impacts expected from those digital services envisaged and the indicators that can be used to measure them.

Donegal County Council, Údarás na Gaeltachta and Inishowen Development Partnership have attended the meeting.

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