Students, parents and the general public of Donegal and Ireland will have, for another year, new opportunities to learn more about the 3rd-level and career options in computing and other technology fields through the Tech Week festival of technology, taking place in April, between the 22nd and 28th. 

One of the objectives of this festival is to use the technology in different fields, such as, health or business. In that way, they provide different opportunities to learn more about computing and related technology areas like science, engineering and maths, a good chance to encourage the future digital creators.

National Coding Competition
Furthermore, the Irish Computer Society, supported by Lero the Irish Software Research Centre, has encouraged the county's schools and students to participate in the Tech Week through the National ‘Scratch’ Coding Competition. This visual programming language helps students to develop coding skills.

For registration details, visit and
Further information through Donegal Now.



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