According to Donegal News, "a total of 19,244 new jobs (full and part-time) in Enterprise Ireland supported businesses were created across the country in 2016". Furthermore, Digital Technology, Construction and Fintech have been the key performing sectors during the last year.
Donegal News has published in words of Paschal McGuire, Enterprise Ireland’s Regional Director (North-East and North-West) that, “despite global economic challenges in 2016, job creation by Irish companies in Donegal remained strong. As these results show, Irish companies have the capacity to create jobs in towns and cities across the country, with almost two-thirds of the new jobs created outside Dublin. We aim to build on this success to ensure that Irish companies in every region in Ireland are well positioned to continue to succeed globally, particularly in the context of Brexit”. 

A new strategy
Enterprise Ireland has also published its 2017-2020 Strategy. The key priorities for our partner will be driving innovation in Irish enterprise, improve the competittiveness of Irish companies and increase the reach of client company exports into new markets, among others.

Read the whole article through Donegal News.


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