The Donegal Tech Advocates group kicks-off in the county. Hosted by Optum Letterkenny, the inaugural networking event took place on April 18th, with over like-minded 30 representatives from tech companies, public institutions, agencies, education, social organisations and digital innovation hubs across the county.

The aim of the group is to promote, grow and empower Donegal's dynamic tech sector in order to develop, retain and attract new high-quality talent and showcase tech in the region as a highly effective cluster that promotes the perfect work-life balance in the region. 

The attendees had the opportunity to discuss the vibrant tech scene in Donegal, the local supports available, and the vast possibilities going forward. They focused on three strategic pillars: skills, recruitment and unique environment.

Stay tuned for further updates! On the 9th of May the group will discuss the power of people, training and development in the modern workplace.

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