The ENAIBLER project ('Enabling AI-driven public sector'), a pioneering initiative funded by the esteemed Interreg Europe programme and spearheaded by the ERNACT network, Donegal Digital partner, is set to convene for a two-day study visit this week at the ii – Inishowen Innovation digital hub in Buncrana to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations for the public sector across Europe.

The ERNACT network, headquartered in Letterkenny, is at the forefront of this groundbreaking €1,763,997 million cooperation project. Its primary objective is to empower regional and local public sector organisations to embrace AI as a pivotal tool in digitally transforming their respective territories. Dr. Margaret Quinn, ERNACT Programme Manager and ENAIBLER project leader, emphasizes the project's timeliness stating, “the ENAIBLER project is very pertinent as it is in the midst of an accelerating AI revolution with an explosion of AI tools, solutions, and accompanying concerns on how it is employed and its socio-economic impact.”

Through the ENAIBLER project, the ERNACT network has secured €493,250 for the region. This funding aims to unlock the benefits of AI while prioritising ethical considerations such as fairness, transparency, and safety, thereby empowering the public sector to become early adopters of AI technologies.

Building on the momentum of their kick-off meeting in Letterkenny in March 2023, when the basis for the project’s capacity building programme on using AI commenced, this gathering marks the second knowledge exchange event held in Donegal. It underscores the commitment of the partnership to collaborative learning and experience sharing. A group of over 35 people, including partners and key stakeholders such as AI experts, public servants, university researchers and industry leaders from Burgundy Regional Council and Nièvre Numérique (France), Fomento San Sebastian (Spain), Opolskie Centre for Economy Development (Poland), Skellefteå Municipality and Umeå University (Sweden), ERNACT and Donegal County Council will delve into the fundamentals of AI and its practical applications through workshops facilitated by Aoife D'Arcy CEO of Krisolis, a leading company specializing in AI capacity building and training for the Public Sector in Ireland.

Furthermore, local experts Liam Coyle, founder of Brand Canvas, will share his knowledge on AI for design and photography and, Jamie Caldwell, founder of Lead Inquiry, will lead partners though how AI tools, such as Large language Models, are transforming education.

Attendees can expect to explore practical examples of AI implementation in a Buncrana school, glean insights from the ERNACT network and Sean Keys of Atlantic Technological University and Data2Sustain project, and brainstorm new pilot projects across the partnership.


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