In a proactive effort to empower customers with vital knowledge on fraud prevention, Letterkenny Chamber member, Bank of Ireland (BOI) Letterkenny branch, recently hosted an insightful event dedicated to this pressing issue. Held on the 12th of April, the event featured a representative from Bank of Ireland's internal fraud team and a member of the Gardaí Letterkenny.

The event aimed to arm attendees with practical strategies and insights to safeguard themselves against the evolving tactics of fraudsters. With an emphasis on awareness and prevention, the speakers delivered comprehensive presentations, shedding light on various types of fraud, like phishing emails, vishing calls, remote access fraud or money mules and offering valuable tips on how to recognize and combat them effectively.

Attendees, comprising both individual customers and business representatives,  highlighted the event for its relevance and timeliness in addressing the increasingly sophisticated landscape of financial fraud. The collaborative effort between BOI Letterkenny, Bank of Ireland, and the Gardaí underscored the importance of community engagement in combating fraudulent activities.

From BOI Letterkenny, expressed gratitude to all participants and reiterated the bank's commitment to fostering a safe and secure banking environment for its customers. Plans for future further educational initiatives were hinted at, promising continued support in the fight against fraud.

The event stands as a testament to the proactive measures taken by BOI Letterkenny and its dedication to empowering the community with the knowledge and resources necessary to thwart financial fraud. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like these serve as invaluable tools in safeguarding against potential risks, for more information visit

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