On the 15th of August, the Inishowen Innovation hub (TheII) welcomed hot desk users and remote workers to inishowen innovation's new premises for the first time. 

Inishowen Innovation hub is focused on disruptive digital technologies and business models. The ii hub is located in Buncrana, which is in the North West City Region of Ireland. Within a 25-mile radius, it has access to an international airport and two universities, supplying a seamless chain of technological talent. 

offers its members growth and scaling opportunities, access to world-class standard technological knowledge and skills and state-of-the-art co-working facilities purposely designed for collaboration. 

The ii space meets the collaboration and work needs of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. It has been custom designed to maximise collaboration between innovators and complement the disruptive digital technology and business growth services for members. 

Excellent fibre broadband, 15 hot desks with monitors and privacy screens, meeting and privacy rooms, a kitchen with free tea and coffee, plus restaurants, coffee shops, parks and beaches within a few minutes' walk!

Liam Coyle, an experienced Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer working for ERNACT, with expertise in areas such as recommendation systems, supply chain optimization, and computer vision is currently based at the Inishowen Innovation hub (Theii). Liam is also leading a start-up named BrandCanvas, an AI powered graphic design service for small businesses. They use artificial intelligence to help businesses make marketing materials and custom photography.

When asking Liam about working in TheII, he says that “I’ve found it really motivating to be around other people who are working on cutting-edge technology, and I’ve made some really valuable connections already!”.

Do you want to work from TheII? Go to www.theii.com to book a desk or apply for ii membership.

Watch the video to find out more! 


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