Today Donegal Digital has been presented to over 110 stakeholders in Timisoara (Romania) during the presentation and peer review event for the 'First Smart City and Digital Transformation Strategy of Timisoara 2022-2027', facilitated by Raluca Ioana Cibu-Buzac, Founder and CEO at Luminspino.

ERNACT General Manager Colm Mc Colgan, Donegal Digital partner, has presented the ERNACT network and he has mentioned the number of project proposals that have been submitted together with Timisoara for European funding. He has also presented the Donegal Digital action plan as a successful digital ecosystem. With the presentation 'Donegal and Timisoara Harvesting the Benefits of Digitalisation for Attracting Diaspora Back Home', Colm has shared some tips to achieve Timisoara's Digital Transformation Strategy based on Donegal Digital's success:

  • Find what makes (Timisoara) unique
  • Communicate what you are doing
  • Promote successful people 
  • Monitor the achievements and implementation of the strategy


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Contact: Ianire Renobales

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