Donegal Digital partners met virtually to discuss the latest updates on Digital Skills, Digital Research and Digital Innovation Tools for the County. 

The conversations commenced with the Digital Foundation of Digital Skills. Dr Margaret Quinn, Donegal Digital Project Manager, explained that the group's Open Data Training Portal will become a window for Digital Courses across multiple providers in the County. According to Margaret, the prototype of this "one stop shop" is ready and the pilot tests will commence in January 2022. "We hope to launch it in February next year", she added.

Furthermore, regarding an action to increase 'Digital Research Capacity' , Margaret emphasized the support received from Letterkenny Institute of Technology 
to develop a business case and to build political support based on optimal digital research areas. "The first draft of the 'LYIT Digital Research Capacity Business Case for increased investment' is drafted and it will be published in January as well", continued Margaret.

In the area of Digital Innovation Tools, Donegal Digital partners shared some ideas about supporting the existing Digi-tech SME cluster. "We are thinking about showcasing local digi-tech SME’s and creating a 'Donegal Digital Podcast/Videocast'. For this purpose, the Digital Hubs infrastructure would be taken into consideration to promote the opportunities that local tech SMEs bring", stated Margaret. Donegal Digital partners are also exploring the possibility of a Digi-tech chat forum to support relocation or recent arrivals of tech workers or businesses to Donegal.

Stay tuned! More updates will be published here, at the Donegal Digital project website! 


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