Led by Donegal County Council, the Donegal Digital partnership aims to facilitate the perfect work and life balance. To achieve this objective, Donegal Digital releases today a new website that will help to build strong digital communities throughout the county and empower start-ups and existing enterprises.

John McLaughlin, Chief Executive Donegal County Council, stated that: “Donegal Digital is one of the Councils’ most important policy initiatives. The Council is delighted to work with the project consortium on delivering its objectives. Donegal Digital dovetails well with many other Council development strategies including remote working, inward investment as well as indigenous job creation.”

The new web portal includes new features such as an Action Plan for Digital Transformation of the county, which is divided into three categories: Digital Foundations, Digital Innovation, and Smart City & Region. Furthermore, as digital transformation changes the way things are done via new disruptive digital technology, Donegal Digital partners capture and explain the four pillars in which the partnership is currently focused for the benefit of the region: Digital Foundations, Digital Innovation Tools, DX Technologies and Smart Region / City

According to Dr Margaret Quinn, Donegal Digital Project Manager (ERNACT)“basically the Donegal Digital initiative is about making the most of the opportunity of digital for the County, all the more necessary with the challenges of COVID. A real strength is the Donegal Digital partnership of the Council, key agencies, institutions, and business which drives the initiative and has super collaboration. It is delivering tangible local impacts such as broadband acceleration and, what will prove to be a massive asset, the growing Digital Innovation Hubs network. There is more to come. The message we want to get out is that Donegal is tuned in to the digital age and offers the perfect work/life balance for digi/tech work and business.”

The new web also brings the opportunity to experience the ultimate work and life balance by inviting website users to try out one of the Donegal's co-working business hubs. Donegal Digital identified Digital Innovation Hubs as a suitable policy response and delivery channel for distributing digital services and innovation into our local communities. In addition, the new web portal facilitates enquiring about moving home to Donegal as a place of cutting-edge digital innovation and can assist digital entrepreneurs, remote tech workers, tech company managers and investment professionals that might have interest in the region decide which Donegal digital hub to work from. 

Testimonial videos, animations, latest local news and events complete this renewed online communication channel that aims to increase digital research and innovation, build strong Donegal digital communities and deepen the Letterkenny digital cluster.

“I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Donegal Digital web portal launch today. Donegal Digital has significant momentum behind it now and I look forward to working with all our partners as we seek to exploit the opportunities for Donegal afforded by high-speed connectivity and modern digital technologies”, has concluded Brian Boyle, Head of Information Systems Donegal County Council.


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